Case Study

Improving Sales Training Digitally at Propane Education & Research Council

In recent years, more and more participants of the classroom-based Marketer Technology and Sales Training (MTST) program have requested digital learning to supplement their experience and to expand learning beyond the classroom.

The Challenge 

PERC surveyed propane industry representatives and a digital learning expert and defined the top MTST-related training needs of the propane industry, defined elearning course requirements, and brainstormed ways of promoting digital sales training to the propane industry. Using the findings from several workshops they conducted, PERC needed support for their digital mission to improve sales training.

GP Strategies Solution 

PERC initially partnered with GP Strategies, who designed and developed four sleek, modern, highly interactive eLearning modules discussing advanced training topics such as the Propane Energy Pod and Propane Autogas School Bus Market. Additionally, GP Strategies designed and is in the process of delivering 12 webinars on advanced sales, marketing, and technology topics.


The digital platform launched in March 2017. PERC immediately saw over 200 participants self-enroll within the first two weeks. Initial user feedback is strongly positive, with interest across the industry. GP Strategies plans to continue deployment of new content and new learner journeys on the Intrepid platform, ensuring that the digital MTST experience remains fresh for learners, offering opportunities to draw in new learners and providing rewards for existing users to revisit the site. Discover our Digital Learning Strategies here.

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