Case Study

A Leading Automobile Organization

The situation

This organization was beginning to see too much reliance on outsourced suppliers and too little internal responsibility and accountability among its managers. The CIO responded with a number of initiatives to increase performance, including new job profiles and requirements. Yet a key challenge remained: Getting managers fully engaged in making the changes work.

The approach

In initial meetings with the leadership team, we recommended that the division postpone the leadership training it was considering. Training – no matter how effective — would not be enough to drive the culture change desired. Our consulting team helped formulate and implement a change initiative that began with an employee survey to provide baseline data on goal alignment, manager/employee relations and employee engagement. To ensure that all managers and employees fully understood their redefined roles and provide the necessary insights and tools for increasing performance, the division implemented a top-down roll-out of Managing Personal Growth (MPG). Coaching workshops gave managers increased confidence and competence for supporting this employee-driven initiative. Once alignment with division goals, clarity of job expectations and more open lines of manager/employee communication were achieved, our Leading Technical People workshop helped the division’s highly technical managers develop the leadership skills to guide their teams to greater heights of achievement.

The results

The initial employee survey findings shaped a highly strategic initiative met with great success. Nearly 80% in a follow-up questionnaire agreed or strongly agreed that their MPG manager/employee discussion was “great.” Recent employee survey findings showed significant improvements in key areas including manager/employee relations, personal alignment and understanding of division goals and values – all ingredients for a high-performance division.

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