Case Study

Leading Global Telecommunications Supplier

The Challenge

From 2009 to 2014, GP Strategies* worked with a leading global telecommunication solutions supplier to improve team leader capabilities across the organization. The program was designed to speed the integration of teams following the creation of the company from two legacy organizations and to support the new culture.

GP Strategies Solution

The project started with the development of a team model and framework for the organization, working with the internal Talent and Leadership Development team. From the framework, GP Strategies developed a Team Pulse questionnaire and a process for leaders to develop a Team Charter for their teams. GP Strategies created an extensive team process guidelines pack as an online resource for both Team Leaders and their HR Business Partners (HRBPs).

This framework and learning resource was then used in three ways:

First, enable HRBPs to support the development of the newly forming leadership teams. GP Strategies ran a series of sessions to develop the skills and confidence of the HRBPs to provide this support to the leadership teams.

Second, GP Strategies developed, piloted, and delivered a two-day global program, “Leading Teams,” which is based on the Team Model. This program helps experienced team leaders raise their teams’ performance and develop their capacity for teaming in virtual teams. This program was successfully delivered on a global basis from Latin America to Europe, Middle East and Africa, and Asia.
Third, GP Strategies worked as experienced team coaches, with a few of the most senior global teams in the organization, including the Chief Financial Officer’s team, to build their effectiveness and raise their ability to lead the transformation of the business and the embedding of the new culture.

Business Impact

The impact of the different interventions was to accelerate the formation of new teams at various levels across the business, raising performance and minimizing disruption from the integration of the business. It helped the business move to a new combined culture rather than being locked into conflicts between the two legacy cultures.

Feedback from the process:

“Very interesting approach to the topic; it will be of a lot of use in my daily work; real cases tried in the course.” – Team Leader

“The practical elements of the course are constantly available; I can put in practice many of the concepts immediately.” – Team Leader

“It gives me confidence that I am not alone in solving the problems with my team.” – Team Leader

*The services described in this case study were performed by Bath Consultancy Group, now GP Strategies Corporation.

Testimonial +
“It gives me confidence that I am not alone in solving the problems with my team.”

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