Case Study

Steel Producer – Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Training

Client Description
Established as a leader in process and product technology, this steel company has been an integrated steel producer for over 110 years and operates major production facilities throughout North America and Central Europe. They have an annual raw steelmaking capability of 24.4 million net tons. This large capacity allows them to provide raw materials to numerous industries.

The Challenge
In order to maximize maintenance resources, including a new computerized maintenance management system (CMMS), the client desired a more efficient planning and scheduling process to improve their asset management program. With many organizational roles affecting the planning and scheduling process, a more cohesive program was needed to ensure all departments were aligned and individuals understood how their roles impacted the entire process of planning and scheduling.

GP Strategies Solution
GP Strategies™ customized its hands-on Maintenance Planning & Scheduling Game to fit the specific requirements of the client. Working closely with the company, GP Strategies pinpointed the main cognitive and behavioral lessons that needed to be the primary focus of the learning simulation. Objectives were created, forming the content of the game and classroom instruction.

The game was integrated into a three-day Planning and Scheduling class designed for a cross-functional audience of planning and scheduling staff, maintenance craft personnel, reliability engineers, production operators, supervisors, and management in maintenance operations. Following the training, individuals were selected to take on new roles in planning and scheduling and implemented various process improvements.

The Maintenance Planning & Scheduling Game proved to be an effective and enjoyable way to engage participants in a hands-on application of what they learned. The competitive nature of the game, with multiple teams trying to out-do one another in planning, scheduling, and organization, turned a learning exercise into an exciting experience. Participants achieved a 50% improvement in work order completion during the two rounds of the game. The game and training have been used to drive performance improvements at the company’s various mills.

Client Testimonial
The feedback after the classes was tremendous. One 35-year maintenance professional told his manager, “It was the best class I have ever been to in my career.”

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