Case Study

Marine OEM Custom Training and Documentation Development

Client Description
This maritime OEM is a world leader in ballast water treatment systems designed to control the spread of nonindigenous aquatic organisms from one geography to another. The organization is a pioneer in early ballast water research and continues its position as a ballast treatment technology leader. The organization operates out of a modern 60,000-square foot facility near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where the company designs, supports, and manufactures their Ballast Water Treatment Systems (BWTS).

The Challenge
Due to International Maritime Organization (IMO) regulations, the organization saw an industry need to create new technologies and systems to treat and filter ballast water for clients with water-based testing facilities as opposed to land-based. As the organization entered into this new market, they realized they would need to employ a global support network of technicians to provide immediate installation, commissioning, and maintenance services, as well as repairs, spare parts, and technical support for their BWTS at any location worldwide. However, the organization also needed the ability to dispatch these service technicians to any of the eight major ports of the world on extremely short notice to minimize downtime for their clients.

In order to accomplish this, the organization sought a customized training program designed and implemented to quickly and efficiently prepare the technicians for anything regarding the installation, commissioning, maintenance, and operations of their new BWTS.

The Solution
GP Strategies partnered with the organization to design, build, and deliver a fully customized training program to accomplish their technician training goals. GP Strategies took on this task and designed the installation and commissioning procedures; checklists; on-the-job training (OJT); job performance measures (JPMs); and a host of other forms (that is, attendance, evaluations, student profiles, job aids, quality reports, and site reports).

All of these materials were used by the organization’s deployed technicians for any installation, commissioning, or maintenance of their new BWTS going forward.

GP Strategies also produced a broadcast-quality training video program to be viewed online and presented in classrooms. These videos supported the global technicians and local staff for the maintenance of their new BWTS. GP Strategies also provided two electrical engineers to be deployed to ports in China and Korea to assist with site-critical installation and commissioning.

Customized Training Program
Inclusive of several projects and scopes of work, GP Strategies designed and developed a training program from scratch that consisted of all of the following elements:

  • One E-Learning module
    – 20 Minutes
    – 3D Animation
  • Five Instructor-Led Training Courses
  • Installation and Commissioning Procedures
  • On-the-Job Training (OJT)
  • Job Performance Measures (JPMs)
  • Checklists, Forms, and Other Documentation
    – Electronic copies of all final materials
  • Nine Broadcast-Quality Training Videos
    – Draft and Final Script/Storyboard
    – 3D Animation
    – Production Crew and Equipment for Location Shooting
    – Draft and Final Training Videos
  • Two Electrical Engineers
    – Supporting Site-Critical Installation and Commissioning

With the help of GP Strategies, this maritime OEM was able to solve their need for a flexible and customized training program to meet the unique demands of their global workforce. By taking a collaborative approach and working to understand the direction the OEM needed to move in, GP Strategies was able to exceed all expectations. Today, the OEM owns and operates the entire program and the training model was able to train and deploy highly qualified technicians as fast as their clients’ demanded.

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