Case Study

Naval Medical Education and Training Command: Optician Web-Based Training

Client Need:

The Naval Medical Education and Training Command (NMETC) identified a need to develop sustainment training for the Naval Ophthalmic Support and Training Activity (NOSTRA) in Yorktown, Virginia. NOSTRA trains Navy and Army opticians with an extensive, six-month training program consisting of classroom courses, laboratory practice, and clinical assignments. The current training program does not support sustainment training for those opticians in need of a refresher course for reasons such as a transfer to another clinic with different equipment or a transfer from a laboratory assignment to a clinic.


GP Strategies™ developed an NMETC Optician Sustainment Training program that includes a combination of web-based training and electronic job aids. NOSTRA subject matter experts have selected material from the Optician School curriculum to be covered in the sustainment training and determined how they will be divided among the three phases of development. The materials selected for Phase I development reflect topics identified as being the most important as well as electronic job aids such as Prentice Rule, ANSI Standard, and Overview of Lab Procedures. The Navy courseware is designed to operate on the THINQ Learning Management System and is SCORM and ADA Section 508 compliant. This course was developed using our content production tool Extola, thereby reducing programming time by more than a third. The sustainment training will be disseminated via both web and CD-ROM formats, programmed using interoperable code.

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