Case Study

North American Pipeline Company Providing Structured Training for Employee Development and Regulatory Requirements

Client Need

This large domestic pipeline company needed a solution to provide a structured training program for field personnel in order to comply with regulatory requirements and provide a consistent and sustainable employee  development program across various geographic business units. The two primary drivers for the training program included:
  • Establishing consistency between similar job positions in various geographic areas
  • Ensuring pipeline operators were able to control their facilities safely within operating limits and in compliance with regulatory requirements
The company was looking for a “best practice” solution from a proven resource that complied with regulatory requirements, provided a sustainable program, utilized National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) curricula, and provided a flexible approach to meet future needs.

GP Strategies Solution

Initially, GP Strategies™ met with plant leadership to establish an approach to the scope of work, determine resource needs, and set up the schedule/budget. After receiving the purchase order, GP Strategies assembled a team of specialists to:
  • Develop structured tables of contents and training objectives for Operator Training Guides (OTGs) for 80 job positions in various regions.
  • Coordinate with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and other personnel from the client to identify resources to satisfy the OTG content requirements.
  • Develop knowledge and skill-based OTGs for each job position.
  • Identify NCCER training resources that could be cross-referenced to the OTG content.
  • Develop objective-based evaluation tools.
GP Strategies used their established OTG model, an essential element of GP Strategies’ innovative Technical Operations Performance Support (TOPS™)—a set of training methodologies and interventions designed to provide a solid foundation of skills and knowledge. The OTG component of the TOPS methodology provides a structured step-by-step, on-the-job training roadmap and standard for documenting performance of qualification requirements. Historically, TOPS has resulted in improvements of these measurements by up to 70 percent.
Results at a glance
Trainers, trainees, and experienced operators have realized the value in having highly structured, task-based training checklists such as those used in the OTGs

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