Case Study

Pharmaceutical Company — Sales Training Redesign

At A Glance:

  • Total number of employees – 60,000
  • Transformation of Current Sales Training Approach
  • Training delivery model from 70% onsite/30% virtual to 30% onsite/70% virtual
  • Training Program Components:
    • Role Excellence Profiles
    • Learning and Performance Framework
    • New Curriculum in a Virtual Environment
    • Electronic Field Coaching Form
    • Complete visibility of the program throughout the entire Sales Specialist’s Lifecycle


Impact on the Team
  • Onboarding time spent on job relevant skills training was increased by 68%
  • Time to field readiness for New Hires was reduced
  • New Hires’ time to Core proficiency has been reduced by 4-6 months
  • Tenured Sales Specialists now have an ongoing way to develop themselves
  • Sales Managers now embrace the Field Coaching Form
Impact on the Learning Organization
  • The learning organization is able to ramp up more quickly
  • Employee engagement has been energized
  • Trainer development opportunities have increased
  • Training delivery costs were reduced by a significant percentage
  • Learning time has been optimized by reducing travel
  • Work/life balance for New Hires has been enhanced

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