Case Study

LMS Migration from On-Premise to SAP/NS2 SaaS

Our client, a large agency with the Federal Government, had many of their components implement SuccessFactors learning management system (LMS) on-premise. But, with the Federal Government directives for agencies to move to “cloud computing,” they decided to migrate to the SAP National Security Services (NS2) Software as a service (SaaS) secure cloud solution.

The Challenge 

The biggest challenge for this agency was that their on-premise system served over 50,000 users, both employees and contractors, and all of that information had to be migrated to the cloud while keeping data integrity. In preparation for the SaaS migration, the client upgraded from Plateau 6.2.11 to SuccessFactors 1508 on-premise in 2016.

GP Strategies Solution 

GP Strategies worked closely with the NS2 team to migrate the data from the on-premise system to the newly acquired cloud environment.

Lessons Learned 

  • Enlist and continually brief an executive project “champion”.
  • Develop a reasonable implementation plan and schedule.
  • Start processes to get Authority to Operate and Integrated Systems Agreements early in the project.
  • Plan client activities to clean up data and content early.
  • Communicate customer approval gates early and often.
  • Ensure the customer has the plan, time, and commitment for their participation (meetings, reviews, decisions, testing).
  • Lock in requirements as early as possible.
  • Ensure the availability and commitment of client staff: Test & Verify.

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