Case Study

Workforce Training and Continuing Education Program Services

Workforce Development Services for a State Technical College

This state-funded, coeducational, two-year institution of higher education offers courses of study in technical vocational education. Their emphasis is on highly specialized advanced and emerging technical and vocational areas for certification or associate degrees. This college was established 50 years ago and now has 10 different campuses statewide devoted to workforce development and acquiring technical skills and expertise.

The Challenge

This institution was seeking an experienced maintenance training partner to help support their Workforce Training and Continuing Education programs. These programs are offered to local businesses, and at times can be funded by state grant programs. Various training services needed to be met for this institution to expand their Workforce Training program. They chose GP Strategies® to provide maintenance and technical training courseware, industrial training equipment, and facilitators in order to enhance the college’s training capabilities and curriculum offerings.

GP Strategies Solution

GP Strategies was selected as a partner to support this technical college’s mission to expand their Workforce Training program capabilities to new commercial companies in the region as well as throughout the state. GP Strategies provided the following support services in coordination with the school.

Craft Skills Courseware

GP Strategies provided over 50 hands-on craft skills training courses and 500+ web-based maintenance off-the-shelf courses in the areas of electrical, mechanical, and instrumentation & control. In coordination with known skill gap information from local clients, front-end assessments were conducted to determine the specific courses designed to fill the gaps previously identified. Furthermore, the ability to design and develop customized and proprietary training and materials on as as-needed basis was a requirement of the client.


GP Strategies has extensive experience in utilizing front-end assessments to identify the knowledge/skills gaps critical to a company’s workflow processes. From these initial assessments, GP Strategies identified and prioritized the college’s training needs as to minimize wasteful spending on unnecessary training and focus on those areas of most need.

Staff Augmentation and Training Facilitation

Qualified instructors were provided to facilitate training via traditional classroom settings, shop/production floor, and training labs, utilizing hands-on training and web-based software. GP Strategies offers numerous qualified instructors and professionals in various manufacturing industries to conduct and facilitate training services.

Industrial-Level Training Equipment

To enhance their overall Workforce Training program, this technical college wanted to use full-size, realistic equipment trainers when delivering the hands-on portion of the training. GP Strategies designs, builds, and delivers industrial, electrical, and mechanical equipment to support all phases of training. The realistic environment that industry-level equipment trainers create, combined with GP Strategies’ emphasis on hands-on training, is unique to most other training programs.


By choosing to partner with GP Strategies, this client has the opportunity to gain a competitive advantage in their Workforce Training programs. They are able to leverage GP Strategies and their over 50 years of experience in workforce development and technical training, in combination with their access to federal and state grant money. The highly skilled instructors and training equipment provided by GP Strategies have enabled this institution to add additional maintenance and technical training capabilities to expand its curriculum. GP Strategies’ design and development capabilities have also given them the ability to offer customized courseware content based on specific industries and equipment, giving them unique flexibility.

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