Case Study

Worldwide Training Delivery and Documentation Staff Augmentation

Client Description

This semiconductor OEM is the global leader in providing manufacturing solutions for the semiconductor, flat panel display, and solar photovoltaic industries. Their technologies help to make innovations like smart phones, flat screen TVs, and solar panels more affordable and accessible to consumers and businesses worldwide. Their Global Technical Training organization provides learning solutions to both internal and external engineering clientele. Headquartered in Santa Clara, California, this organization has a global presence in 89 locations in 19 different countries with over 13,000 employees.

The Challenge

The organization sought to find a suitable training partner to provide technical instruction, program management, and outsourced curriculum development services to augment the needs of their internal team. The challenge was high volatility and rapidly changing demand/level of services required by the ever-evolving nature of the semiconductor industry. GP Strategies was selected by the Global Technical Training group to increase instructional capacity rapidly while minimizing their internal resource requirements and still maintaining low, long-term engagement costs.

The Solution

GP Strategies was able to meet the staffing demands by combining the use of available internal resources and strategic hires. GP Strategies worked to develop an instructor screening, qualification, and certification process that
allowed for increased instructional capacity in desired areas of expertise very quickly. Conversely, when demand decreased, GP Strategies was able to maintain much of this valued expertise/experience in-house by placing these
resources onto other opportunities within GP Strategies’ diverse customer base while still providing the organization with a ready team at the first sign of the next ramp-up in training demand.

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