Corporate Levy Paying Apprenticeships

Organisations with a wage bill of over three million pounds can invest in their apprenticeship levy by accessing relevant, engaging content and creating positive business impact.

We draw on our 25 years’ experience in UK government-funded training to remove the headache and complexities of day-to-day operations, and provide both off-the-shelf and tailored programmes.

NextGen Apprenticeships

With bespoke programmes that align to your business objectives, we can help you improve performance and drive your business forward.

Align to your organisations language and culture, build clear progression paths, and ensure that learning is relevant by focusing on real workplace challenges.

Get the most out of your levy with NextGen Apprenticeships!

Managed Apprenticeships

Eradicate procurement difficulties, and allow us to manage multiple relationships with apprenticeship providers. With unrivalled experience of managed learning solutions, we offer:

  • A single account management structure
  • Management of all apprenticeships providers on the programme
  • Comprehensive management information reporting across the entire service
  • Utilisation of specialist teams, tools, and methodologies to plan learner cohorts and ensure starts are in line with available funds and compliant with SFA requirements
  • A supported mobile friendly learning platform
  • Recruitment and employee engagement support
  • Access to government funding for pre -apprenticeship programmes

Let’s drive positive business impact.


Funding Incentives Infographic