Disaster Response

Preparing Volunteers For Effective Disaster Response

The American Red Cross provides emergency assistance, disaster relief, and critical education on preparedness, health, and safety in the Unites States. GP Strategies partnered with the American Red Cross to develop award-winning eLearning training to prepare volunteers to respond to disasters such as hurricanes and tornadoes. Called Disaster Action Team (DAT) Fundamentals, the courseware covered critical information on completing paperwork, directing interviews with disaster victims, communicating with the press, and organizing equipment for a response. Unique to it was character-driven narratives explaining the feelings and questions that both responders and clients may have during a disaster.

In addition, the courses are designed as an app for mobile devices for new volunteers to train in the field or on-the-go as they are deployed.

GP Strategies’ eLearning helped train and prepare 2,700 volunteers deployed across 80 shelters.

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