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Distinctive Leadership

Intensify your leaders’ focus on what really matters

A culture of leadership is what establishes the competitive advantage of your organization. When leaders understand the role they play in that culture, they’ll create results that ensure your success. But they can only do so if they understand that true leadership not only demands continual personal development, but requires the ability to connect with others, inspire high performing teams, and drive enterprise accountability.

Distinctive Leadership is a senior-level training program designed to unleash the potential of an organization’s leader population. Based on the book Distinctions: 52 Lessons in Leadership by executive coach, strategist, and consultant, Mark Smith, this learning journey presents opportunities to create dramatic shifts in how participants view themselves and their role as leaders.

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Outcomes for your organization

  • Reinforcement of a culture of growth, inclusion, agility, and resilience
  • Strengthened trust to drive personal, team, and organizational performance
  • Stimulation of a candid and open environment for collaboration
  • Empowerment of leaders at all levels, with a sense of ownership and accountability

The Experience

The Journey

The Distinctive Leadership journey explores the practice of leadership on four levels: self, individuals, teams, and enterprise (SITE). This perspective gives leaders a comprehensive understanding of what it takes to be a high performing leader.

  • Leader of Self: Learners begin by shifting mindsets, removing self-limiting beliefs, and helping leaders understand their personal brand.
  • Leader of Individuals: Next, they discuss inclusion, the importance of trust, and the role of emotional intelligence in building strong relationships.
  • Leader of Teams: Participants learn critical skills to create an environment that encourages agility, performance, candor, collaboration, and accountability.
  • Leader of the Enterprise: Finally, they gain the competencies that enable individuals to demonstrate courage, think differently, communicate with clarity and purpose, and focus on what really matters.

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