Emergency Management for Natural Disasters

Managing Recovery Efforts When Disaster Strikes

The world is changing faster than ever and unfortunately, disaster can strike even quicker. For nearly 15 years, GP Strategies has been equipping local, state, federal, and partner organizations with emergency management services resulting from natural disasters, terrorism, and health pandemics in an effort to minimize the impact to people, communities, and geographies.

Most recently, following the devastation of Hurricanes Irma and Maria in Puerto Rico, GP Strategies provided disaster recovery and grant administration services to the municipalities of Aguada, Aibonito, Caguas, Dorado, Juncos, Loiza, Morovis, and Villalba to aid them on their path to recovery.

• Responded to 14 natural disasters
• Helped secure $1 Billion in grant funding & public assistance for impacted regions

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