headshot Lieb Ernst

Ernst H. Lieb

Board Member

Seasoned Automotive Leader & Innovator | Former President and CEO, MBUSA

Ernst is a globally oriented, transformational business leader with practical operating and leadership experience. His 40-plus year international business career has contributed to a unique skill set based on the proven ability to lead change and transformation, challenge people to top performance, and drive value creation and customer satisfaction.

During an automotive career that began in 1978 with operations and IT, Ernst progressed through management positions with increasing responsibilities in Germany, the Middle East, and the Americas. He held positions such as Vice President Retail Operations and Vice President National Sales before serving as CEO of Mercedes-Benz Canada. Later he was appointed President and CEO of DaimlerChrysler Australia Pacific, then as President and CEO of Mercedes-Benz USA.

More recently Ernst founded the Motorworld Australia dealer group and ELco Enterprises Pty Ltd. He also serves on the board of Reviver Auto and in 2018 co-founded Carpraze, a platform transforming the preowned operations of dealerships through centralizing wholesaling and appraisal functions into a digital workflow.