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Jeremy Anwyl

Board Member

AnwylPartners, Former CEO, Edmunds.com

Jeremy launched his automotive career in 1979 working with auto dealers who were looking for more consumer-centric and cost-efficient ways of marketing. Over the next 10 years he worked with hundreds of dealers and surveyed hundreds of thousands more to learn what worked — exploring along the way many of the notions that many dealers held as “truths.”

In 1991 he decided to leverage his experience to work with manufacturers on retailing and marketing efficiency. Notable projects include retail best practice studies for Toyota and Lexus, custom research assignments, conferences and more.

Most recently, Jeremy spent 13 years leading Edmunds.com during which time it transformed from an Internet curiosity to the largest automotive consumer website in the world. Since leaving Edmunds, Jeremy has worked as an author, mentoring start-ups, providing consulting services internationally, and as a sought-after speaker.