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Strategy, leadership and learning to transform organizations

Across all sectors and channels in aerospace and defense, economic uncertainty on top of relentless digital transformation has intensified competition and change. New technologies, shifting geopolitics, unstable supply chains and resource scarcity, regulatory demands, an aging workforce and threatening skills gap, and outdated learning and training approaches have made traditional business processes obsolete. To succeed, you either drive the change that occurs in your markets or end up losing to those that do.

GP Strategies’ expert aerospace and defense organizational development consultants help you identify where your business needs to go and what it will take to get there. Then we work with you to develop and execute strategy that brings out the best in your most valuable resource – your people. Whether your business needs change and performance management, modern learning and workforce development technologies, or critical new business process design, we’re the transformation partner you can trust.

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Are you under pressure to justify the cost and impact of organizational learning, training and workforce transformation?

Our performance experts help transforming enterprises become best-in-class organizations through flawless execution across all areas of learning, leadership, and workforce development. Employing a proven approach that integrates leading technology, innovative learning paradigms, and business process best practices, we deliver cost-effective, high-performance  organizational development solutions.

We integrate technology with people and know-how to help your business win.

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Our Solutions

Keeping your people inspired, connected and engaged

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Change Management

Developing and executing individual and organization transformation, readiness, resilience and leadership. In aerospace and defense, translating learning into action is the ultimate competitive advantage.

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Culture Change

Building leadership and learning strategies to transform organizations to achieve sustainable performance results. Flexibility, adaptability and innovation are not just something you do. They’re who you become.

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Organization Design

Building organizational readiness with the right people, process, structure, strategy, performance execution and metrics is critical to your success.  Learn how you can effectively align your vision and long range strategy to help you on your journey to continuous improvement.

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Strategy Alignment

Equip business teams with the tools and capabilities to deliver high performance regardless of the obstacles they face.

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Case Studies

Explore our real-world client success stories

Business Impact
2% Increase
In net margin & operating profit

Kenya Airways: Driving Performance Improvement

Rapid growth over a six-year period and an exponential growth trajectory created challenges for the people and systems of Kenya Airways (KQ) to keep pace with the company’s expansion.
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Aerospace Giant: Co-Creating a Winning Governance Model

With air travel increasing and lower-cost competition, a multinational aerospace corporation recognized the need to establish a governance model to inform decisions across their learning organizations, align learning with organizational goals, reduce redundancies, and create a holistic approach to employee development.
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For our leadership teams, Dashboard has become the primary means of reviewing our business performance. Using it has become part of everybody’s normal business cycle. It is always up-to-date, easy to use, and entirely transparent. As a consequence, it enables us all to stick to it, keeping the main goals and the contribution we each make toward them firmly front of mind.

Paul Kasimu, HR Director