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Operational Excellence

A comprehensive system for operational excellence

Today’s highly complex and global environment brings unique challenges

Tools, technologies, materials and production processes constantly evolve in response to current conditions, but one thing doesn’t change – the need to achieve operational excellence.

Successful aerospace and defense companies have learned to develop operational excellence strategies that address current pressures by adopting a holistic view to organizational performance. These strategies focus on continual improvement of key performance indicators (KPIs), and deploying sustainable interventions that create real  impact for the business.

GP Strategies’ operational excellence consulting experts help you shift focus to a holistic view of organizational performance, then target the specific areas that will produce the most effective and responsive changes that will drive operational excellence.

Along the way, we address every element of organizational effectiveness, from strategy and culture to leadership, frontline sales, and the delivery of business results.

Benchmarking standards of excellence

Through our systematic operational excellence model, we take your business on an accelerated path from strategy to sustainability. By benchmarking to 33 standards of excellence that map to the critical components in the model, we help you quickly isolate areas for immediate improvement while uncovering long-term opportunities to:

  • Train employees faster at higher test rates
  • Monitor, anticipate, and improve equipment performance
  • Navigate complex regulations
  • Implement technological advances
  • Streamline processes and procedures
  • Reduce HSE incidents
  • Develop capable, adaptable leaders
  • Increase profitability and growth

Our Solutions

Case Studies

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Business Impact
Yearly savings
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Improving Operations Through an Operational Excellence Model

At La Cira Infantas Field, the culture of training relied heavily on field and console operators. As a result, operators were not trained to a set of standards across the company, or across the facility.
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