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In auto manufacturing and dealerships, digital transformation has made competition and change an accelerating perpetual cycle. New technologies and shifting customer expectations, retailer consolidation, shrinking margins, and outdated sales approaches have made traditional business processes obsolete. To succeed, you either drive the change that occurs in your markets or end up chasing those who do.

Our expert automotive organizational development consultants help you identify where your business needs to go and what it will take to get there. Then we work with you to develop and execute strategy that brings out the best in your most valuable resource — your people. Whether your business needs a change in workforce mindsets and performance, learning and development technologies, or critical business processes, we’re the transformation partner you can trust.

When strategy aligns with capable leadership and a performance-ready workforce, the exceptional will be achieved.

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OEM management is under continual pressure to justify the cost and impact of organizational training and workforce transformation. That’s where GP Strategies can help.

Our automotive industry management consulting helps transform middle-of-the-pack companies into best-in-class organizations through flawless execution across all areas of learning, leadership, and workforce development. Employing a proven approach that integrates leading technology, innovative learning paradigms, business process best practices and robust change management, we deliver cost-effective, high-performance organizational development solutions.

We integrate technology with people and know-how to help your business win.

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Keeping your people inspired, connected and engaged

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Organizational Design

Building factory-to-frontline readiness with people, process, structure, strategy, performance execution and metrics.

Aligning vision, strategy, execution and an always-evolving workforce is a continuous journey.

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Change Management

Developing and executing individual and organization transformation, readiness, resilience and leadership.

In automotive, translating learning into action is the ultimate competitive advantage.

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Culture Change

Leadership strategies and business consulting to transform automotive businesses to achieve sustainable performance results.

Flexibility, adaptability and innovation are not something you do. They’re what you become.

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Case Studies

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2020 Brandon Hall Excellence in Sales Performance

Taking Regional Successes Global at a Major Automotive Brand

A major automotive brand sought increase the global popularity of one of its models, which was a stronghold in Latin America as the number one selling vehicle in the region.
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Re-envisioning Dealership Training by ​Enhancing the Trainer Certification Program

A major automotive brand — with over 100 trainers who deliver more than 25,000 training sessions per year, covering over 4,000 dealerships — sought to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of its trainers to help dealers with onboarding new hires and selling more vehicles.
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I grade it as 10! I already attended trainings and launches when I sold other brands, but by far this was the best and most structured one. Congratulations!

Sales Consultant

I feel as if I am working less, talking less, touching the vehicle less, and getting better results.

Training and Development Specialist

Insight & Innovation

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