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Effective leaders know the secret to their success incorporates a combination of experience, discipline, insight, and preparation. Forward-looking organizations can improve leadership success by focusing on preparation — with robust leadership training programs — to drive the insights necessary to propel their leaders toward  success.

With the breadth and scope of our leadership work in automotive distribution systems across the world, we’ve built those essentials for you. In the world of organization leadership strategies, we’ve become an essential guide, provider, and trusted partner for our clients.

Today’s leaders need both subject-matter expertise and proficiencies in listening, empathy, assessment, evaluation, collaboration, inspiration, strategy-to-execution vision, and perhaps most importantly, communication. These essentials must be distilled and delivered into operationally practical programs.

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Implementing a Learner Experience Platform at a Major Automotive Brand

A major global automotive brand needed to improve the onboarding process for creating well-trained district managers.
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Mindsets for All Seasons and All Leaders

Leadership research conducted by GP Strategies uncovered the need for four particular mindsets to lead effectively: growth, inclusive, agile, and enterprise. Inside a steady-state or business-as-usual environment, these mindsets can ground leaders, helping them support their teams, each other, and

Business As Unusual: Rewriting the Rules of Leadership

Anyone who has ever been a leader knows it comes with as many challenges as it does benefits. But few could have imagined the way leaders have been tested as they’ve navigated the cataclysmic impact of a global pandemic.