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Asset Performance Management

Manage your equipment at every stage of its lifecycle

GP Strategies’ approach to APM is unique. It’s a fully comprehensive, turnkey solution that extends beyond software and focuses on integrating business processes, organizational structure, and workforce optimization into the design. It centers on maximizing the APM lifecycle—the end-to-end optimization of assets to ensure they reach their full potential. 

With APM Optimize™, we’ve distilled our best-in-class knowledge, service delivery, and innovative software to develop a sustainable program that covers the entire APM lifecycle in one powerful solution. Aligned with international standards such as  ISO 55000 series, ISO 14224, ISO 8000, KKS, SAE (SAE JA 1011 & SAE JA1010 – RCM/Maintainability standards), SMRP, and IAM, we work with clients to connect their APM strategy with knowledge and excellence, develop a road map of prioritization, and implement proven methodologies to ensure operational growth and success.

Optimizing the Asset Lifecycle with APM Optimize™

A successful APM program’s framework should support the entire asset lifecycle: from the time it is engineered, built, and installed, to being operated, maintained, and then retired. To help the asset meet or exceed its design life expectancy, GP Strategies’ views APM as a continuous process with opportunities for improvement throughout the journey.

At any point in an asset’s lifecycle, the design, operation, and maintenance strategy may need to be reviewed and adjusted to ensure full asset optimization is achieved.

APM Software: Data & Analytics to Improve Reliability and Efficiency

GP Strategies has been working seamlessly with our partner,Nexus Global, to deliver the APM Optimizer Suite. This suite provides a full-circle, integrated approach to developing, implementing, and managing your APM program. As a critical component to the APM delivery framework, this unique suite helps you optimize your business road map, equipment data, equipment strategies, work planning, and incident investigation initiatives.

With a multi-tier architecture, deployment has never been easier as a service (SaaS) or an on-premise installation.

Achieve Continuous Improvement

Focusing on continuous improvement throughout the journey is critical to the success of a best-in-class APM program. GP Strategies’ comprehensive solution includes the software, strategies, tactics, and deliverables to ensure your long-term success and help you achieve optimal efficiency and operational excellence.

Case Studies

Explore our real-world client success stories

Business Impact
Total savings per year
Facility shutdowns avoided

Improving Operations Through an Operational Excellence Model

At La Cira Infantas Field, the culture of training relied heavily on field and console operators and as a result, operators were not trained to a set of standards across the company. Together with Ecopetrol & GP Strategies, they fixed that.
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Business Impact
First year annualized cost avoidance
Review of over 100 PMIs improved asset availability by 52 days

Reliability Centered Maintenance Cost Reduction and Planned Maintenance Optimization

The company was looking for a solution to improve their current Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) and Planned Maintenance (PM) program while reducing the costs of maintaining equipment.
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