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Technical Documentation Development

Put procedures in writing for repeatable performance

Well-written procedures and documentation are critical to providing a safe, consistent, and repeatable method for performing job tasks. Standard operating procedures establish a foundation on which organizations drive safety, efficiency, and continuous process improvement. GP Strategies’ procedure and documentation development services ensure your critical procedures and documentation are promptly and accurately developed.

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Documentation Services

With over 50 years experience developing documentations, job aids, system descriptions, large control diagrams, and piping and instrumentation diagrams, our documentation services can help your staff streamline operations and improve your overall plant performance. GP Strategies provides system description and operating procedure development services for oil and gas, fossil fuels, renewables, and nuclear facilities.

  1. System Descriptions

    Plant system descriptions (SDs) are developed using detailed information from plant site walkdowns, technical manuals, and documentation such as piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&IDs) and control logic diagrams. These add value to training programs by providing plant-specific system information that is easily understood by operators and maintenance technicians at all levels. To maximize training value, SDs include the following:

    • Descriptions of major components
    • Flowpaths
    • Controls and instrumentation
    • Permissives and interlocks
    • Related alarms
    • Pictures of actual plant equipment
  2. Operating Procedures

    Operating procedures help to capture the normal operating steps for startup and shutdown of your units, systems, and equipment. GP Strategies can also help you develop site-specific procedures based on our extensive library from virtually every original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and plant type in existence. Our experts also include recommendations and best practices that bridge the gap between theoretical information and actual site-specific knowledge.

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