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Organizational Performance Solutions

In financial services: experience matters

Every organization and strategy is different, so every leadership and learning solution is tailored to you. Today’s digital-first banking, insurance, investment, and other financial service consumers are demanding enhanced experiences, service journeys, products, and channels of sales and relationship management. Those mission-critical market and customer engagement objectives can only be achieved by a fully engaged, organization-enabled workforce.

Emerging virtual/remote service models are being layered on, or replacing, traditional location-based distribution networks. Information security technology and regulatory challenges are escalating.

Digital-only competitors are challenging traditional revenue and operating efficiency models. Process automation is disrupting customer acquisition, retention, and enhancement. At the same time, the workforce has shifted to include three distinct generations, each with unique work preferences, skills, and working styles.

As leading financial services industry consultants and learning experts, we know and understand these disruptions and differences. We develop focused solutions so that you execute the right mix of learning strategies, methods, and technologies to maximize impact throughout your organization.

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Challenging problems demand creative and inventive solutions

To transform an organization that is experiencing intense competition, changing distribution and services, and a converging multigenerational workforce, off-the-shelf solutions just don’t work. To thrive in this rapidly transforming industry, we must embrace disruption, together. We do this by helping you create a culture of beyond-the-norm thinking. We create and collaborate on imaginative answers – from change management, learning transformation, and managed learning outsourcing to leadership consulting – to meet the demands of your workforce and the customers they serve

When it comes to financial services performance, we transform behavior to deliver results.

At every step of our work, we take the time to understand your priorities, resources, workforce demographics, distribution network, and customers. We partner with you to design and implement organizational performance management and learning strategies tailored to the unique needs of your business. 

Our core financial service performance initiatives include:

  • Prepare leaders for continuous disruption in financial services and to meet the evolving needs of the workforce and customers.
  • Reduce workforce time to proficiency of new technology skill sets to provide optimal customer experiences.
  • Leverage technology to improve training effectiveness, transition to on-demand costing, and reduce overall spend.
  • Improve adoption of past and new technologies, increase systems integration, and simplify technology investments.
  • Improve product knowledge, sales effectiveness, relationship management, and the customer experience.

We’re recognized around the world for our exceptional knowledge of financial services. Our engaging people, decades of direct experience, deep industry expertise, and ability to produce measurable results keep you ahead of change.

Our Solutions

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