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When used with intent and purpose, innovation has the ability to break through the clutter, optimize learning and performance improvement and create unprecedented positive change. As an industry leader since 1966, GP Strategies has been on the cutting edge of innovative performance solutions for over 50 years. We’re proud of the contributions we’ve made to our industry and our Innovation Kitchen is the logical evolution of that work.

The cornerstone of our Innovation Kitchen—and a clear differentiator of the GP Strategies approach—is that inventive ideas alone are not enough. In order to achieve the desired result, innovation must be aligned with business objectives, and then tied to business results. Our proprietary, evidence-based processes help separate the shiny ideas from those that deliver relevance and impact, ensuring an effective solution.

Results driven by innovative learning

Our Innovation Kitchen is where we brainstorm fresh, original, effective solutions for our customers. The examples we’ve provided here will give you an idea of the innovative learning solutions we’ve developed that fuel high-impact learning and measurable results.

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