Workforce Dimensions: SAP Time Management by Kronos

How well an organization handles and maintains their time management processes and solutions can impact everything from payroll to scheduling to employee engagement. Kronos and SAP recognized this need and partnered early in 2019 to help clients improve their time management technology and workflows. The SAP Time Management by Kronos solution is designed to streamline processes for an easier, more enjoyable experience for all employees.

As a long-time SAP gold partner and leader in Kronos technology, GP Strategies works with clients to determine what time management solution is best for them. We guide clients through the options surrounding SAP Time Management to determine what works best for their current system environment and their plans for the future.

But what are the options?

Is SAP Time Management by Kronos right for your organization?

Who should consider SAP Time Management by Kronos?

Organizations with complex time and planning environments should consider using SAP Time Management by Kronos.

Does SAP Time Management by Kronos integrate with my existing SAP SuccessFactors environment?

How will implementing SAP Time Management by Kronos benefit my organization?

Areas such as labor costs will improve through reducing overtime, decreasing absences, eliminating nonproductive time, and using improved timekeeping processes.

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