Macro Solutions For Micro Challenges

With the unprecedented speed of technological advancement, companies in today’s high-tech manufacturing world are constantly in a race with each other. Questions like how to squeeze more layers onto a chip or into a circuit, how to squeeze more circuit components onto a wafer or substrate, or how to get a higher profit yield are top of mind.

The many highly technical processes needed to create a product, all performed by multimillion-dollar pieces of equipment that require a tremendously deep technical knowledge of the process and all phases of the process to operate, result in constant productivity challenges. In addition, with the safe storage, application, and disposal of chemicals, factors like health, safety and environment, and regulatory compliance are more important than ever before.

In addition, an aging workforce and workforce competition are creating a large skills gap along with a globalized workforce where many regions are desperate to find skilled technical resources. With retirement, companies stand to lose not only basic and fundamental skills necessary to successfully maintain or operate a plant, but also crucial core and tacit knowledge.

Gain the full spectrum of expertise

Whether it’s the fabrication floor or the head office where performance improvement is needed, GP Strategies has the expertise to ensure that personnel in the high-tech manufacturing field are properly trained on the use, application and maintenance of the equipment.

Benefit from unparalleled expertise through high tech training services such as:

  • Technical and operations training—Helping your operators run equipment safely and efficiently
  • Maintenance training—Teaching personnel how to perform preventive and corrective maintenance
  • Documentation development—Developing course manuals, procedures, visual factory materials, and other technical writing
  • Process engineering—Providing Operational Excellence training and consulting services
  • Staff Augmentation Support—Delivering staff augmentation and business process services
  • Custom training development—Providing industry-specific professional development training and blended learning
  • Enterprise Resource Project implementations—Implementing SAP, Documentum, integration consulting, and blended learning technologies
  • Training Business Process Outsourcing—Delivering back-office administration, tuition assistance, vendor management, and global training logistics coverage.

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Global Expertise Delivered Locally

With over 50 years’ experience in an array of worldwide locations, GP Strategies is able to supply many support services locally. This offers significant advantages in project management, communications, and cost. Our staff includes over 3,400 professionals with an exceptionally broad range of technical expertise. As a result, we have the flexibility to provide effective and comprehensive solutions to the challenges companies face in the following areas:

  • CapEx
  • Content development
  • Customer support R&D
  • Field services
  • Finance
  • Global training administration and program management
  • Human resources
  • Operational Excellence
  • Manufacturing
  • Process engineering
  • Sales
  • Strategic vendor management
  • Technical writing services.

Project Examples

GP Strategies’ project experience spans a wide range of capabilities and services across dozens of clients worldwide. We typically partner in long-term relationships based around service, respect, and trust. Project examples include the following:

Semiconductor Tool Manufacturer Example 1

  • Technical training services—Supplied qualified technical trainers to deliver operations, maintenance, and troubleshooting skills to confidential customer engineers and customers onsite at the Oregon training facility
  • New employee technical training needs assessment—Assessed product knowledge needs of new and existing full-time employees and developed course outlines based on primary job responsibilities of these employees (administrative, manufacturing, customer service, engineering)
  • Product orientation course facilitation—Developed and produced training materials for a product orientation course and delivered instructor-led classroom training
  • Level III technical training to facilitate development and design of courseware and labs—On behalf of the customer, liaised with a chip manufacturer to create, develop, and facilitate level III technical training on semiconductor manufacturing tools, including the front-end wafer handling system, and on plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition and physical vapor deposition process modules.

Semiconductor Tool Manufacturer Example 2

  • Consulting services—Provided an HR consultant to evaluate the performance management system and to recommend appropriate software application for global use
  • Training analyses—Supported launch facilities throughout the world via a training analysis jointly conducted by the client and GP Strategies personnel. Services included the following:
    • Performed an onsite analysis of the operations training for Costa Rica, Malaysia, Philippines, and US-based computer processor manufacturing operations
    • Developed training analyses for all facilities reviewed
    • Developed a senior management review presentation with recommendations and training implementation strategies to support the training required for over 2,500 personnel, ensuring they were fully capable to operate assigned equipment
    • Provided training solutions that enabled the client to take a product line from R&D to full production using a workforce with relatively no prior experience or comparable skill sets. The training cycle was successfully completed, which qualified operators within 60 days of new hire
    • Developed training materials and training aids for proprietary installation materials
    • Provided skills training to maintenance technicians, field supervisors, dispatchers, and managers for fixed wireless system
    • Developed an internal technician certification program, which consisted of classroom, lab, and structured on-the-job training
    • Provided formal classroom training and hands-on practical sessions in the use of tools, equipment, installation methods, techniques, and safety
    • Developed work-tasking procedures for field technicians
    • Provided startup and test trial services
    • Implemented a train-the-trainer program
    • Performed site training audits
    • Developed and led role-play exercises in support of customer service.


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