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Managed Apprenticeship Training Services

Let us do all the work

Having a trusted partner that can support and drive your business objectives can make or break any organisation.

With over 25 years’ experience in UK government-funded training and more than 50 years in managed learning services, our expertise allow us to offer a unique blend of levy-ready capability and experience to our customers.

We source, select, train, and enable an effective workforce by utilising our primary employer objectives. We maximise apprenticeship investment opportunities and deliver good returns on investments, streamline processes and mitigate the need for multi-vendor complexity, and maintain high standards deliver positive learner experiences.

Reach long-term stability by reducing the risk of switching vendors, achieve first time, on time results, receive a competitively priced service, and develop brand enhancement.

  1. Flexible Service

    Access a truly tailored service that includes:

    • Negotiated rates for delivery
    • Bespoke programme design and delivery
    • Comprehensive account management and reporting
    • Continual quality and value improvement
    • Consultancy and recruitment support
  2. Our Credentials
    • Consistently perform above the national average on completion (+18%), timeliness (+16%) with satisfaction scores at (92%)
    • One of the largest providers in our industry
    • Achieved Good OFSTED rating at our last audit, with Outstanding features in Leadership and Management and Quality of Training
    • Financially stable with a sustainable model for government-funded training operation
    • Localised coverage with UK hubs in 17 locations