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Managed Payroll Services

Implement a best-in-class payroll solution

Employee experience matters, especially in times of disruption. It is more critical than ever to be able to visualize and fine-tune your peoples’ experiences in order to retain your talent and make your workplace welcoming, whether individuals are working locally or remotely. The SAP SuccessFactors Human Experience Management (HXM) suite is the best solution we’ve found for workforce data, offering support for all people processes from hire to retire, including employee experience, time management, and people analytics.

Based on SAP’s more than 30 years of global payroll-leading practices, Employee Central Payroll is fully integrated into the SuccessFactors Core HR module, serving more than 100 million people globally. All employee master data is stored in one place, which is the HRIS core module, called Employee Central. Storing all master data in one place ensures compliance, better data quality, increased governance, and a reduction of cost and efforts in maintenance.

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Compliant, integrated, and customizable

As with the entire SAP SuccessFactors suite, Employee Central Payroll is also GDPR compliant, and it offers to manage and automate master data privacy and retention policies that uphold compliance with regional, federal, and local rules to protect all users’ data privacy. It’s an ideal platform for global payroll consolidation, with local support for close to 50 countries with local tax regulations including rich standard tax reporting.

GP Strategies can help you implement, maintain, customize, and enhance your payroll module, fine-tuning the solution for your specific processes, procedures, and third-party integrations, so it can best support a world-class employee experience for all involved.

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A fully supported, flexible solution

Employee Central Payroll provides the same flexibility, scalability, and security as the SAP SuccessFactors suite and follows the same innovation schedule as well, with two yearly releases. Employee Central also offers easy integration to finance or other third-party applications, such as Kronos or other time-and-attendance solutions.

With Employee Central Payroll, you get:

  • Effective payroll management. You can increase the speed of execution by automated payroll processes, including the opportunity to take corrective actions without interruption or delay.
  • Automated processes. Remove manual work by automating payroll operations with built-in retro calculations and off-cycle support.
  • Actionable payroll advice. With real-time analytics, key insights ensure proactive payroll alerts and information.
  • Payroll self-service. A customer-centric user interface (including payroll) is supported by a mobile app.
  • Cost reduction. By running HR and payroll operations together and harmonizing and consolidating payroll cycles on one platform, you’ll realize cost savings. This can be further enhanced by GP Strategies’ range of accelerators and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services.
  • Tax localization included. Embedded functionality supports payroll tax localization for close to 50 countries maintained by +1300 experts.

A proven solution for enterprises of any size

Employee Central Payroll is a well-proven and reliable solution that supports both the needs of the global enterprise as well as the smaller business with a regional focus:

  • Gross-to-net calculation
  • Retroactive pay calculation
  • Garnishment calculation
  • Create and print paychecks and deposit advices
  • Direct deposit of paychecks
  • Availability of payroll tax forms to be filed
  • Quarterly and year-end reports and forms
  • Payroll posting process integrated with your general ledger
  • Country-specific compliance
  • GDPR compliance

Full Core HRIS Migration to the Cloud: Global Implementation of SuccessFactors Employee Central at AMD

In 2018, Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) began a complete overhaul of their HCM system. The company implemented SuccessFactors Employee Central (EC) and Time (EC Time), with the goal of moving their functionality to the cloud, simplifying processes, including self-services, and creating seamless integrations among their core SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central platform, other previously implemented SuccessFactors talent modules, and their third-party applications.
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