Operational Excellence: From Strategy to Sustainability

Does your organization have a clear strategy for addressing performance? How do you benchmark and compare to industry leaders? And where are your opportunities for growth?

We have cultivated a library of resources to help companies establish strategies and programs to help achieve Operational Excellence.

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    Accelerating Excellence

    Watch this video on the types of impact operational excellence training programs have in the process industries.

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    Webinar Series

    • An Overview: What are the definitions, goals, and objectives of an operational excellence program? What is leadership’s focus compared to other goals?
    • The Process: From benchmarking to 33 standards to seeing an example of a KPI balanced scorecard, this webinar details the process of Plan, Do, Check, and Act.
    • Continuous Improvement: This webinar shares a method to ensure continued success of your programs by establishing sound benchmarking, tracking, and reporting through cascading scorecards and dynamic dashboards.

Determine if your company is in the top or bottom quartiles compared to peers, identify performance gaps, and uncover areas that are already best in class.

Beyond Management Consulting

GP Strategies isn’t the typical management consulting machine that leaves you with a binder of recommendations and promises a future state of excellence. Learn about our holistic approach to operation excellence here. We’ll help you implement the solutions and measure the results.

We start by benchmarking companies to 33 critical standards and then implementing a custom OpEx operational excellence model to:

  • Train employees faster at higher test rates.
  • Monitor, anticipate, and improve equipment performance.
  • Navigate complex regulations.
  • Implement technological advances.
  • Streamline processes and procedures.
  • Reduce HSE incidents.
  • Develop capable, adaptable leaders.
  • Increase profitability and growth.