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GP Strategies’ performance improvement solutions for the metals and steel industry encompass operational excellence and operational readiness methodologies that include human performance improvement, asset performance management, and compliance and regulatory services to help your plant and organization achieve its goals. We help you define the areas requiring improvement, develop a roadmap for implementation, and engage your workforce in the improvement process.

We’ve worked with over 90 percent of steel manufacturers in North America, helping them implement human workforce improvement and asset performance management solutions. Click here to view our Statement of Capabilities Brochure.

See below how the services we provide help facilities quickly start up, and meet the key performance indicators that will enable their plants be successful for a long time.

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    Human Performance Improvement

    GP Strategies has a wide-range of training options available for metals and steel organizations looking to improve their operations, maintenance, leadership, safety, and operational excellence training programs. Each solution is designed specifically for your culture, using your facilities and even your equipment to craft totally integrated and customized solutions.

    Our technical, on-site operations training can be customized to your specific equipment, and are focused on keeping you competitive in the marketplace.

    Becoming more popular in the metals industry is our maintenance training services, which delivers a comprehensive training approach targeted to your plant-specific and equipment-specific needs. This includes a craft skills courseware, which offers mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and control, and operations courses available off-the-shelf or in a customizable format. GP Strategies also offers maintenance planning and scheduling training, along with industrial equipment trainers and our full-size training facility are available for use as well.

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    Asset Performance Management

    Asset performance management is a holistic system created when you combine coherent, visionary leadership with robust processes and a supportive culture to ensure that the vision and ownership of appropriate maintenance methods permeate the organization.

    GP Strategies offers a wide range of consulting and training services for implementing a world-class asset management program in your organization. From Asset Strategy, Front Line Reliability, Precision Maintenance, and Continuous Improvement Strategies, we can help your plant achieve asset performance excellence sooner than you think.

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    Compliance and Regulatory Services

    Your performance and cost objectives need to be balanced against the need to comply with a myriad of health, safety, and environmental regulations and industry standards. GP Strategies provides both open enrollment and fully-integrated, site-specific compliance programs that can significantly improve your employee safety and company performance.

    A number of our compliance training courses in the areas of environmental compliance and OSHA federal compliance are available through the GPiLEARN+ web-based training portal. This approach frees your employees to take the training where they want and when they want without sacrificing any instructional quality in the training materials.

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    Engineering and EPCM

    As the North American metals and steel markets rebound, once shuttered plants are beginning to ramp up. GP Strategies can has operational readiness and plant launch solutions to help companies meet deadlines and start up on time.

    We help in the engineering, procurement, and construction management phase of these capital extensive projects to help facilities save money by attaining higher availability sooner, achieving design results faster, meeting quality goals at startup, reduce overall lifecycle costs, and meeting workforce skills goals.

Learn more about how we help metal and steel companies come online, improve their workforce, and help them achieve operational excellence

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