MSA Consolidated GSA Schedule

The MSA GSA Consolidated GSA Schedule (47QRAA21D005R) offers a range of Professional Services, including Training, Technical and Engineering Services (non IT), Consulting, and Business and Project Managements Services.

Awarded Special Item Numbers (SINs):

SINDescriptionLarge CategorySubcategory
611430Professional and Management Development TrainingProfessional ServicesTraining
541330ENGEngineering ServicesProfessional ServicesTechnical and Engineering Services (Non IT)
541420Engineering System Design and Integration ServicesProfessional ServicesTechnical and Engineering Services (Non IT)
541611Management and Financial Consulting, Acquisition and Grants Management Support, and Business Program and Project Management ServicesProfessional ServicesBusiness Administration Services


Review our catalog in the GSA eLibrary here: Microsoft Word – 47QRAA21D005R_GP Strategies Price List 20210610_v2 (

Contract Details:

  • Contract Number: 47QRAA21D005R
  • Period of Performance: May 17, 2021 through  May 16, 2026
  • Who is Eligible: All Federal agencies
  • Vehicle Type: GSA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS)
  • Award Type: Multiple Award
  • GP Strategies Role: Prime Contractor
  • Government User Fee: The Industrial Funding Fee (IFF) is 0.75%
  • Task Order Types: Firm Fixed Price, Labor Hour, Time & Materials

About Our GSA Contract

Modification PA-0002 for Contract 47QRAA21D005R

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