Operational Excellence In The Oil & Gas Industry

Improving Operations, Efficiency And Safety

At Ecopetrol, a large oil & gas complex, the culture of training relied heavily on field personnel and one-to-one training. GP Strategies partnered with Ecopetrol to develop and implement an Operational Excellence model to train operators to a set of standards across the facility. The training program included rigorous exercises, emergency response drills, advanced troubleshooting programs, job aids, and more.

Over 6 months, teams achieved response times of 30 minutes to restore normal operations, down from the previous time of 90 minutes, and reduced the number of weekly alarms by several thousand, significantly contributing to the improved safety of the complex.

• Realized total savings of $608,435 per year
• Avoided 17 facility shutdowns
• Improved learning progress from 20% to 60%

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