Episode #39 | Change Management Needs to Change: Challenging the Model of Plan-Manage-Sustain

Picture this. Your organization is getting a new application to replace the one you are using today. Did you roll your eyes and say “Oh, brother,” or were you curious to learn more, maybe even excited? Believe it or not, your response to that scenario could be related to how well (or not so well) your organization managed change initiatives in the past. And if you take an even closer look, it could be an indicator of how deep resistance is embedded into the culture of your organization.

In this week’s episode, we are joined by Erica Tetuan, an organizational change management expert, who explains why the decades-old “plan-manage-sustain” change management model just doesn’t cut it anymore in today’s ever-changing environment. Instead, she urges organizations to be preventative, proactive, and responsive and to embrace a culture of change where the mindsets of agility and growth are the dominant ones. The future of our businesses and industries depend on it.

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