“Modern hybrid learning is learner driven.”

Ben Keher

The global workforce is facing a reskilling challenge, but learners can only take on so much until their motivation to learn shifts to focus on what is relevant.  A well-designed hybrid learning strategy helps reach the masses through a customized and continuous learning approach, without reducing effectiveness, putting learning in the hands of the learners.

Ben Keher, a regional leader in Asia Pacific for GP Strategies, joins the podcast to share the importance of understanding the ‘why’ behind your learning programs and how to develop a hybrid learning experience that:

  • Motivates learners with ruthlessly relevant experiences
  • Drives engagement
  • Respects the learner’s time
  • Improves retention and knowledge transfer
  • Incorporates technology to deliver measurable results

Stream the podcast for unexpected examples and tips to help your organization upskill its workforce and create an agile learning culture, ready for the future.