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Today’s power generation industry faces unprecedented challenges when it comes to supplying energy to the world.

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GP Strategies’ provides solutions that integrate people, processes, and technologies to achieve Operational Excellence. From our Monitoring & Diagnostic Center Services to Performance & Condition Monitoring and Maintenance & Reliability solutions, GP Strategies helps companies achieve measurable ROI and performance results.

In most parts of the globe, the generation mix between coal-fired facilities, combined cycle plants, nuclear facilities, and renewable energy sources is changing rapidly. These changes motivate companies to look for smarter ways to maximize the return on investment (ROI) for generating assets while meeting production demands and environmental constraints. In emerging economies, getting power to remote and disadvantaged communities is an ongoing challenge. In more advanced economies, environmental concerns and regulatory challenges force organizations to modify their operations to ensure viability in the marketplace.

Companies are also challenged by a shortage of leaders and skilled workers due to increased demand and a retiring workforce. In addition, advanced technologies across the power industry are driving companies to adapt and respond more quickly than ever. As a result, energy companies need targeted, cost-effective solutions to meet their performance objectives, workforce optimization challenges, and safety goals.

To be competitive and achieve their mission, power companies now have to look at different business models and find sustainable ways to improve unit performance, decrease human error, lower operations and maintenance costs, and mitigate risk. Successful companies look to GP Strategies for guidance and support.

GP Strategies has over 50 years of experience in the power generation industry, and we operate in more than 45 countries worldwide. To help our clients reach Operational Excellence, we provide the people, expertise, and tools needed to help companies navigate this new and challenging landscape.

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