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The transportation industry, and especially rail, is facing unprecedented challenges. An unexpected changing of the guard is taking place where the aging workforce is retiring, leaving a talent gap that requires a new approach to training and onboarding to rectify.

In addition, the highly technical nature of the industry is resulting in a high level of regulatory compliance with rules that are ever-changing. The task of keeping operators certified has become a critical challenge, especially in an environment where 99% is not good enough.

Knowledge transfer, or the lack thereof, is also a factor in this industry with subject matter experts (SMEs) not being available to support organizations’ internal training functions owing to the demands of their actual jobs.

Railway training solutions that fit your needs

GP Strategies can design, develop, and implement the most cost-effective training solution to fit your organization’s needs; ensuring compliance with current Title 49 CFR, Federal Railroad Administration (FRA), and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards.

In addition to staying current with local, state, and federal regulations, the rail industry faces the same craft skills crisis that many industries are facing today—the diminishing group of skilled tradespersons due to a retiring workforce and/or company growth.

Learn about our comprehensive and customizable solutions

Our railway learning and development solutions are designed to create a customizable training program that will keep you in compliance and continue to build your skilled workforce. Through task, skill, and gap analyses, we can start to design a training plan, utilizing our GPM PRO model, which focuses on filling those specific gaps. We will concentrate on the skilled roles that are critical to your organization’s success, such as:

  • Conductors
  • Engineers
  • Craft skills personnel
  • Supply chain and support personnel
  • Maintenance and reliability personnel
  • Mechanical inspectors
  • Safety personnel
  • Leadership

GP Strategies has the field experts who can support your railway technical training needs and deliver impactful performance improvements.

Download our Rail, Learning & Development brochure.

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