Solutions To Power The Recreational Industry

GP Strategies offers a full range of performance improvement services to recreational vehicle (for example, boat, RV, and motorcycle) manufacturers and dealers. From sales and operations training to customer satisfaction improvement and communications, we make it our business to understand and solve performance challenges in every corner of your dealership.

Our full-time professional staff includes in-dealership consultants, instructional designers and developers, product specialists, media producers, and support staff who build every solution on the firm foundation that characterizes our approach to optimizing profitability.

With over 15 years of experience in the recreational vehicle industry, we have improved sales and the bottom line in hundreds of recreational vehicle dealerships throughout North America. We look forward to doing the same for you.


GP Strategies builds its recreational vehicle industry strategies with one simple goal—to make dealer networks more profitable. Improving your profitability can involve a wide range of retail training, dealership consulting, and performance improvement strategies, including helping:

  • Manufacturers improve distribution channel performance
  • Dealerships win and retain more customers
  • Salespeople increase their product knowledge and selling skills
  • Retail customers remain loyal to your brand
  • Dealers manage their businesses more effectively

Build your program on a solid foundation

The programs we develop are based securely on understanding your immediate business needs. They achieve your objectives and get results because they are built on solid instructional design foundations and designed to set you apart from your competitors. We use key research and development processes to back our human performance technology approach to improving your business:

  • Performance and Cause Analysis—Identification and reasons for performance gaps between current and desired workplace performance
  • Intervention Selection and Development—Selecting and creating the best tool—or combination of tools—for improving performance based on cost and benefit
  • Implementation—Delivering the educational solutions to the target group
  • Evaluation—Measuring success in reducing or eliminating the performance gap

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