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Changing the Conversation: Shifting Attitudes About Career

Today’s employees expect their employers to provide some level of career support in the workplace. And it’s smart for companies to meet that expectation – a focus on career development leads to lower turnover, higher engagement, and a stronger and more positive culture.

In a world where the median employee tenure has dipped for the first time since 2000* and the labor market is strong, it’s time for a new approach to career – one that reflects the increased frequency and more organic nature of the career conversations individuals want to have. It’s also time for an approach that acknowledges that “going it alone” is not a realistic approach to career development. While career development begins with self-reflection, we rely on others, and need to support them in return, as we explore career growth. We also know that few things in life go according-to-plan so equipping individuals to be career-resilient is important.

Finally, employees are craving more frequent career conversations with their managers. Because they play a pivotal role in matching talent-to-role, leaders need to be ready to engage in more frequent career conversations.

BlessingWhite’s approach to career is rooted in research, informed by 40 years of experience, and effectively tackles the needs both companies and employees have in regard to career.

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