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GP Strategies offers a wealth of resources throughout our web content. This library provides a central repository allowing you to search for materials across all of our content types, industries served, categories, and keywords. The best and most relevant search results are typically returned when adding filters that provide specific indicators on the content you wish to consume.

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work life balance

Blog Posts | Finding Work-Life Balance in a Digitally Connected World

forge meaningful connections

Blog Posts | People Before (and Behind) Data: Forge meaningful connections with the...

Webinars | Designing Technical Training with PRECISION: A Training Methodology

mobile devices

Blog Posts | Optimize Your Training for Mobile Devices and Increase Productivity


Blog Posts | Reach Your Learners through Data to Better Understand Their Needs

interactive video

Blog Posts | Using Interactive Video to Enhance the Employee Experience

organizational change management

Blog Posts | Using Digital Twin Technology for a Competitive Advantage

Blog Posts | A Spotlight on Digital Transformation in the Global Energy Industry

Case Studies | Onboarding Employees at Major Automotive Brand

Newsletters | Digital Transformation


Blog Posts | Honing Your Craft: The Anti-strategy Strategy

News Articles | GP Strategies Announces $10 Million Increase in Share Repurchase Program

News Articles | GP Strategies Appoints New President and New Chief Financial Officer

Blog Posts | What Does the Transition to SaaS Mean for Training?