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GP Strategies offers a wealth of resources throughout our web content. This library provides a central repository allowing you to search for materials across all of our content types, industries served, categories, and keywords. The best and most relevant search results are typically returned when adding filters that provide specific indicators on the content you wish to consume.

Webinar Recordings | SAP SuccessFactors Compensation & Variable Pay Q3

Webinar Recordings | SAP SuccessFactors Employee Platform Q3 Release

Webinar Recordings | SAP SuccessFactors Learning & Onboarding Q3

Webinar Recordings | SAP SuccessFactors People Analytics & Reporting Q3

Webinar Recordings | SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting Q3 Release

Newsletters | Developing Your People to Achieve Business Results

Podcasts | Episode #15 | Developing Engaging Learner Experiences


Blog Posts | Workforce of the Future – Workforce of the Past

learner experience

Blog Posts | Focusing on the Learner Experience, Not Courses

Operational Excellence

Podcasts | Episode #14 | Integrating Operational Excellence into Your Business Strategy

Newsletters | Navigating Innovation with Purpose

Blog Posts | Survey Says… Training Needs Human Connection and Interaction

Webinar Recordings | Design Thinking – Part 2: Application

Webinar Recordings | Design Thinking – Part 1: Theory

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Press Releases | GP Strategies Reports Second Quarter 2019 Financial Results