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GP Strategies offers a wealth of resources throughout our web content. This library provides a central repository allowing you to search for materials across all of our content types, industries served, categories, and keywords. The best and most relevant search results are typically returned when adding filters that provide specific indicators on the content you wish to consume.

Brochures | Virtual Instructor-Led Facilitator Workshop

Brochures | Base Model Approach

Brochures | Programme Actions Concertées Pour Le Maintien En Emploi (PACME–COVID-19)

Brochures | Concerted Action Program for Maintaining Employment (PACME – COVID-19)

Brochures | YOUR GUIDE: Converting ILT to VILT

Brochures | COVID-19 FEMA Public Assistance Support

Brochures | Going Virtual: Design, Development, and Delivery

Brochures | THE CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC (COVID-19) Eligible Emergency Protective Measures

Brochures | 6 Best Practices for Leading Effective [Virtual] Meetings

Brochures | Virtual Instructor-Led Training Courses for Individual Contributors and Frontline and Mid-Level Leaders

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