Organization Design

A strong organization design enables companies to create new strategies, grow, innovate, and respond to market trends quickly. It ensures you have the right talent, work processes, governance, and rewards needed to deliver your strategy.

Don’t let your structure limit your abilities.

At GP Strategies, we partner with you to build adaptable and cohesive teams and processes, and create a culture of star performance. We help shape your structure to outpace competitors, capture and integrate new trends, and empower your capabilities to support customer needs.

Strategy Execution Through an Organization Design Model

Your strategy and capabilities should be at the heart of your organization design. Our approach takes this idea and then works through critical components to ensure your organization is ready for both internal and external challenges as they arise.

Organization Design Model


Grow and compete in your market.

Strategy drives your decisions and it should do the same when designing your organization. GP Strategies’ consultants are experienced in aligning strategy to your structure, work processes, performance metrics, and people practices to achieve business results.


Harness what you need to outshine the competition now and in the future.

Our experts’ comprehensive analysis of your organization and competitive landscape identify the organizational capabilities needed to drive your business forward.


Organize work to bring out the best in the organization.

We will help you align the work with your strategy, and ultimately the customer experience, to help your organization deliver in a competitive marketplace.


Optimize workflow between roles and structure decision-making to deliver results.

GP Strategies will work with your business leaders to optimize processes by identifying and redesigning for key role outcomes to enable new ways of working.


Align talent to deliver organizational capabilities and create a culture of star performance.

GP Strategies works to identify the competencies and critical skills required from your leadership team through your individual contributors ensuring your talent pool is equipped to deliver your objectives. We specialize in competency development, critical skill identification, job design, and talent selection and assessment.


Identify the data to measure to drive the right mindsets and behaviors to achieve organizational goals.

Identification and measurement of the right metrics are critical to setting the appropriate targets, enabling your employees’ and leaders alike to adopt the mindsets and behaviors needed to reach your organization’s goals.

Make your Strategy a Reality.

Partner with GP Strategies to Design Your Future Organization.

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