Cryogenic and High Pressure Systems

LNG Vaporization

From LNG storage to trailer loading, offload and vaporization systems, GP Strategies’ turnkey engineering, fabrication, construction, and maintenance services deliver the reliable expertise you need to switch to a cleaner burning and more long-term cost-effective power generation fuel.

Our integrated approach allows us to incorporate safety and control systems with remote monitoring capabilities to deliver the most efficient vaporization system in the market. Companies that have LNG vaporization systems already in place may be in need of an upgrade. We can assist by completely overhauling your current system to take advantage of new vaporization technologies with ultra-modern cryogenic control systems.

With over 20 years’ experience and recognized leadership in the design and construction of LNG infrastructure, GP Strategies has the engineering and cryogenic and high pressure gaseous systems expertise your company needs to design and construct vaporization facilities.


LNGLNG Trailer and ISO Container Loading

The design, engineering, fabrication, permitting, and construction of cryogenic trailer manufacturers and loading facilities requires specialized skills as well as safety considerations. An important feature of any LNG plant is an integrated trailer/ISO container loading facility. Since we design our own loading systems and controls, we can integrate the loading facility into a new or existing LNG plant.

Our trailer and ISO container loading facilities can load LNG as swiftly as 450 gallons per minute, depending on the limitations of the unit being loaded. A typical 10,500 gallon LNG trailer can load in less than 30 minutes and within 15 pounds of target weight. We have design variations to load one to four units simultaneously, depending on the needs of each plant.

Rely On Safe Fueling and Operations for Your Trailer/ISO Containers

Safety is always our top priority from design to facility operation. Every unit features a complete safety system with automated shutdown on methane leak detection, flame detection, emergency stop push button, and control limits. Numerous safeguards are in place to protect employees and equipment during the loading process.

If your company has existing or outdated trailer loading pumps and equipment, GP Strategies can redesign and construct a state-of-the-art LNG trailer/ISO loading facility to improve process and performance.

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