Dealership Performance

GP Strategies has helped many dealer networks increase profits by creating dealership performance standards. We work with your entire team of dealers to develop a body of performance standards customized to your business while also focusing on customer retention and creating brand preference.

We look closely at each area of your operation, including sales processes, customer satisfaction processes, human resource management, service processes, parts and accessories practices, dealership operations, and facilities. We then identify opportunities for improvement. From that analysis, we establish a set of performance standards that can be measured.

Your entire dealership team—led by your dealer principal and managers—works to meet the new standards. Structure, guidance, training resources, and help from a GP Strategies in-dealership consultant foster a spirit of continuous improvement that works its way into the very culture of your dealership network.

Get more from your standards-based performance program

GP Strategies consultants are highly experienced experts in improving dealership operations and in providing detailed advice where it’s needed, and when it’s needed. Other consultants who use the ‘standards’ concept often merely check for pass/fail compliance, but offer no guidance on improvement. Our consultants work with your dealership team to analyze performance challenges, discover root causes, and—based on years of practical experience—install dealer-specific solutions that work.

GP Strategies pioneered the use of performance standards in the recreational vehicle industry and we always keep your ultimate goal in focus—improving sales and profitability. Since the mid-90’s, dealers using our performance standards programs have achieved increases in unit sales and margin, efficiency, employee and customer satisfaction, closing rates, market share, and profit.

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