Innovation and Emerging Learning Strategies

Innovation is the ability to discover, develop, and create. When we focus the power of innovation on present and future business needs, organizations can solve complex problems in new and faster ways.

In the world of learning and development, innovation means channeling new technologies and emerging strategies to re-imagine learning at work. GP Strategies partners with organizations to transform programs, infusing your learning with innovative strategies and emerging learning technologies.

Innovation is evolution. We empower companies to change with confidence.

Immersive and Enhanced Learning

Tie the physical with the digital and engage learners in new ways with the cutting-edge of learning theory and technology.

Virtual, augmented, and mixed realities. Design with a mix of mediums to deliver and enhance your blended learning strategy by simulating environments, bringing remote locations to the classroom, or providing virtual practice, resources, and assistance on-the-job.

Chatbots for Learning on the Go

Chatbot learning programs offer an interactive, conversational, and user-driven experience. They provide a single point of access for users to easily find answers to questions, relevant resources, and support. Chatbots can blend both bot and human coaching, offering a versatility to learning that is paced for personalized learning journeys.

The uses are expanding every day, from enhancing classroom training to continuing learning with on-the-job support.

Chatbots in Learning Journeys 3

The results we’ve seen when we’ve integrated chatbots into learning programs are impressive.

times the engagement
percent continuation after course completion
percent increase in passing rates

MOOCs, SPOCs, and Learning Experience Platforms

Create a learning experience that builds knowledge progressively.

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) and Small Private Online Courses (SPOCs) have evolved into learning experience platforms that merge learning technologies and content into structured and engaging learning journeys. These journeys are designed with three aspects critical to the modern learner.

Coaching Learning Experience_MOOC_


Learn as needed and apply concepts over time.


Learn in short bursts of content and activities.


Engage with communities interacting and learning together.


Give your employees the tools and training they need when they need it.

We design customized eLearning experiences to help employees learn faster, continuously, and globally. We craft eLearning with a contextual, interactive, and storytelling design.

Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT)

Address the needs of an increasingly globalized workforce with virtual training.

VILT provides a flexibility to classroom style training for a globalized, mobile, and remote workforce needs. Additionally, VILT brings instructors and subject matter experts to your screen.

Instructor-Led Training (ILT)

Use digital technologies and strategies to enhance classroom experiences.

In an age filled with learning technologies and apps, instructor-led training is still a force of its own. Our own Voice of the Learner Report revealed 42% of respondents prefer learning in a classroom with a group.

It’s crucial for learning and development teams to blend digital learning strategies into their ILT mix, equipping facilitators with the tools to fuel high impact learning.

Envision a Future Learning Program

Partner with us to innovate, ideate, and explore ways to make your vision and strategy a reality.

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Explore Innovative Learning in Practice

Bring our Innovation Exhibition to you and explore applications of new learning technologies, methodologies, and tools.

Innovation Kitchen | Innovation Exhibition & Exploratorium

Resources for Innovative Learning Strategies

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Partner with us and bring innovative learning to your programs.

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