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Performance Support

Bringing Just-in-Time Learning to Your Workforce

Since 80% of learning takes place on the job, just-in-time performance support plays a critical role in solution adoption. The easier and more quickly employees can apply what they have learned on the job, the quicker adoption occurs. In the age of digital learning, this process is accelerated by evolving learning to merge with point-of-need task support in the form of micro-learning videos and context-sensitive, step-by-step support. Often, today’s learner can realize they need to do a task, then pull up a quick video to see how to do it. This agile, time-of-need learning approach helps minimize time away from the job and maximize application of learning.

Whether you intend to use an out-of-the-box tool like SAP Enable Now®, Ancile uPerform®, Infor EPAK® & UAP®, Oracle® (Click here for a full list of Oracle / PeopleSoft courses), WalkMe®, Whatfix®, Assima®, or custom performance support tools, our team is ready to deliver effective performance support content to help your people maximize their performance.

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