User Adoption Solutions

Whether you are rolling out a new system or upgrading existing technology, the ultimate success of the initiative is the adoption and effective use of the application to achieve your desired business outcomes. GP Strategies’ proven approaches and methodologies help you meet this goal through the creation of effective user adoption solutions for every member of your workforce.

At GP Strategies, we partner with you to ensure your end users are not only prepared, but also fully engaged and ready to produce business results. Our user adoption solutions include:

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    The Gartner Group has said that the most important factor in any initiative’s success is effective training, or the lack thereof. GP Strategies’ training solutions focus on providing each employee with the right skills and knowledge to produce the business results they are responsible for. Our outcomes-focused learning solutions help ensure your employees can get the job done on Day One.

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    Blended Learning

    We believe that a more personalized and targeted approach to learning yields better results than typical, one-size-fits-all training. GP Strategies’ blended learning solutions can help take performance to the next level by combining personalized, focused, and digital learning methods with instructor-led training and just-in-time performance support.

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    User Readiness

    For a user to be truly “ready,” they must not only be trained to effectively execute key job tasks and know what to do if they run into problems. They must also be confident in their ability to be successful. It is here that learning and change management intersect, and GP Strategies OCM solutions bring confidence so employees are truly ready.

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    Performance Support

    After go-live, employees are continuously learning and adapting to their new processes and job tasks. In this phase, performance support plays a key role by providing just-in-time access to customized help content.

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    Communities of Practice

    As best practices develop, GP Strategies’ solutions help ensure they are captured and shared among user communities.

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    Sustainable Learning

    The need for training and performance support doesn’t end at go-live. GP Strategies’ sustainable solutions help ensure that employees are efficiently trained as they join the organization or change jobs.

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