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Implementation and Cloud Migration

Whether you are moving everything to the cloud, keeping your old system and building on top, or looking for a quick implementation, make sure that you choose the right method and the right resources to make the transition smooth. GP Strategies has extensive experience in helping customers identify and choose their paths and build the road maps to their digital transformation.

Single Module or Full Suite

Whether you are implementing one module or an entire suite, GP Strategies will help you set your project plan, timeline, and requirements so that you can have a successful go-live. Our team of experts has experience with both local and global requirements and implementations—you will never have to wonder if your implementation partner has your back.

Hybrid Implementations

Many organizations already have on-premise or in-house platforms that they are currently using. If this is the case for you, GP Strategies has extensive experience in implementing and integrating new solutions with your existing solutions to create a hybrid environment. For example, if you wish to keep your on-premise solution as a system of reference, our consultants can use custom integrations to meet your requirements and ensure a smooth transition.

This is an excellent option for those who do not wish to move everything to the cloud for reasons such as time, resources, or cost, but still want to enhance their processes and the experience for their users.

Rapid Deployment Solutions

GP Strategies does offer rapid deployment solutions for your implementation if your timeline is short. These are out-of-the-box solutions that our consultants can implement quickly with little customization.


Integrations across all processes and technology are a critical part of any organization’s implementation, both on-premise and in the cloud. Most organizations use many different systems to handle their daily business and HR functions but still expect them to work together seamlessly. Creating those integrations requires extensive knowledge of the capabilities and architecture of the different systems.

GP Strategies has a long history in integrations with both on-premise and cloud solutions as well as the middleware platforms that they use. We use our extensive experience with these platforms, as well as our own in-house solutions, to enhance and develop custom integrations for our customers.

Data Migration

In any implementation, your technology is only as good as your data. So, it is important to have a good team and a detailed plan in place for your data migration strategy. GP Strategies has extensive expertise in data migration, both on-premise and in the cloud.

We help with your data:

  • Profiling and cleansing
  • Mapping
  • Collecting
  • Validating
  • Migrating

LMS Validation Toolkit

GP Strategies is an expert in validated LMS implementations. Accordingly, we have developed and support an LMS Validation Toolkit (VTK). The VTK is for clients moving to an LMS Validated SaaS offering and provides pre-created documents and test scripts to increase the speed and accuracy of validated implementations. At GP Strategies, we can leverage our extensive knowledge of the VTK and accelerate the reconciliation of functional specifications and system test scripts for the Operational Qualification (OQ) and Performance Qualification (PQ) phases. Our experience with LMS implementations will also allow us to quickly and effectively create custom OQ and PQ scripts based on your unique system requirements.

SAP SuccessFactors Career Site Builder Customized Plug-Ins

For solutions such as SAP SuccessFactors Career Site Builder, GP Strategies offers an extensive library of plug-ins that allow clients to drag and drop components onto their website in a simple, customizable way. These custom solutions offer a plug-and-play mentality for self-administration, which is designed to lower costs and increase efficiency.

Learn more about Career Site Builder plug-ins.

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