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SAP SuccessFactors Implementation and Support Services

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Change is inevitable, especially when it comes to rolling out and implementing new technologies such as comprehensive HR solutions and employee performance platforms. To stay competitive, companies need their technology and people to be more agile and nimble than ever before. Choosing the right technology and the right partner for your organization is key to success.

Through our partnership with SAP, we have completed more than 700 successful SuccessFactors implementations and supported more than 120 different clients. At GP Strategies, we have the proven approaches and frameworks to enable your employees to leverage SAP technology to improve performance and deliver key business outcomes.



Insights Solutions

GP Strategies Insights solutions present the elements that influence and shape your workforce, allowing you to make better people decisions. Insights packages:

  • Are preconfigured and based on leading practices and well-defined key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Are based on SAP® Analytics Cloud – the market-leading, cloud-based analytic solution
  • Yield rapid time to value with low risk, low cost, and high value – guaranteed

Our Insights solutions enable you to start small with business-critical human resource (HR) analytics and gradually grow to more value-added people analytics. The preconfigured solutions support any organization on its path from using tactical HR reporting to establishing a people analytics strategy, optimizing business performance.

GP Strategies’ objective is to leverage research, analytics, and industry insights to help design and execute the HR processes that improve business performance. We can help you establish a data-driven HR function so that you can base important decisions on insights and facts instead of gut feeling and assumptions. With a competitive pricing model, we reduce the time to value by implementing people analytics.

We offer a range of Insight packages based on SAP Analytics Cloud. All have been reviewed and qualified by SAP.

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    Establish a comprehensive picture of your entire workforce across geographies and employee groupings in ways not possible within standard SuccessFactors analytic tools. Uncover hidden unknowns to get a better understanding of the powers that shape your workforce, demographics, and diversity so that you can focus on planning for the future.

    Workforce Insights on SAC

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    Gather deep insights into your talent profiles across geographies and employee groupings in ways not possible within standard SuccessFactors analytic tools. Uncover hidden data to understand the relationships between talent management and business results. Get a better understanding of the business impact that your performance processes have on driving employee performance.

    Talent Insights on SAC

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    Establish a comprehensive picture of your salary spending across geographies and employee groupings. Uncover hidden data to build a transparent and fair pay-for-performance culture. Get a better understanding of how you are spending your compensation budgets to help you understand the forces driving employee costs, and assess whether your compensation processes are based on defined and transparent merits rather than gender and tenure.

    Compensation Insights on SAC

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    Create a comprehensive picture of who has access to your system, the changes being made, and the status of recurring batch jobs in ways not possible within standard SuccessFactors admin tools. Establish peace of mind and identify rogue batch jobs before they cause any harm. Learn more about the state of your cloud solution to understand the status of regular batch jobs, authorizations, and system administrator access privileges.

    System Insights on SAC

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    Provide your financial analysts, HR business partners, and business leaders a shared model of your organization’s financial well-being with a preconfigured turnkey solution. Establish a unified picture of your financial performance and relationships with business units and workforce groups across your organization. Learn how your financial results and organizational and diversity dimensions depend on your workforce.

    Finance Insights on SAC

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