Career Development

When organizations invest in career development, they are demonstrating a commitment to their people that truly pays off.  Our research shows that career support not only impacts retention, but also greatly affects engagement levels. Career development isn’t about salary increase or promotions; it’s about providing individuals with meaningful, interesting work.

GP Strategies career offerings will help you facilitate corporate career planning and career conversations at your organization, resulting in lower turnover, higher engagement, and a stronger, more positive culture.

Your Career

Program for individuals to explore their own career development

The Your Career program is focused on helping individuals at all levels of the organization self-reflect, seek support, and snap back when they hit unanticipated change.

Your Career is a blend of tried-and-true components of our career development approach, including the X model, a focus on values, and the need for an action plan to ensure career to-dos happen. At the same time, the program introduces fresh language, the latest research on resiliency, a different approach to program deployment, and micro-learning sustainability elements.

Career Conversations

Program for managers to initiate regular career conversations with their people

The Career Conversations program focuses on equipping managers to engage in productive career conversations and to have knowledge of their team members’ identity—their values, skills, and interests. The program leverages our proprietary research to help debunk the myth that a successful career conversation requires the promise of increased compensation or a promotion.

Through the Career Conversations program, managers can help individuals become more introspective about their careers, understand the need for collaboration, be more resilient in the face of change, and develop a plan for putting thoughts into action. It can also help managers have more effective career conversations with their employees and appreciate the role of sharing talent.

Career Central

A digital career center to supplement programs and reach individuals when training isn’t an option.

Career Central is a fresh, engaging platform of self-directed online activities and tools. Individuals can access the site as often as they like to reflect on their career drivers, ask for feedback, set career goals, plan career conversations and chart their growth. Managers can access strategies and tools for supporting their team’s career journeys.

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